Introducing our Equine Spa body-care line


Horse Whisperer Body Wash

Bringing an Equine Aromatherapy favorite treat to your horse's bath. All natural ingredients including soothing Aloe Vera to detox the coat, relieve stressed tired muscles and work on the Equine senses to restore mindful balance while lathering up and clearing the grime from the week's work.


Peppermane Treat Conditioner


Tame and Detangle your horse's mane and tail while destressing the senses using this favorite that satisfies horses' enjoyment of peppermint and other aromatic herbs. Lather up with a body wash and finish with a treatment and rinse for an Equine Spa experience.

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Regular use of Equine Aromatherapy can reduce equine stress and its action in your horse.

Improving the overall health of your horse means better quality of life and better horse and rider experiences. Reducing stress improves the amount and speed of recovery which reduces costs and suffering. Would you rather spend time fighting illness and injury or enjoying a healthy life and good relationship with your horse?

Equine Spa Gift packages that include
Aromatherapy oil blends


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Bellerophon Equine Aromatherapy Blends work on 3 areas important areas to horses and their owners:

1) Stress Reduction
2) Improving Equine Moods and Relationships
3) Health concerns


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Bellerophon's Equine Aromatherapy Solutions are for all horse owners that seek to complement traditional care with a more holistic approach focused on prevention and bigger picture areas like better energy and relationship.


How we know Bellerophon is achieving this objective?

We know we are good at what we do when horse owners see both an immediate and a long term improvement in their horse's wellbeing when they incorporate aromatherapy in regular care. Our formulations have synergistic activity with multiple essential oils to target areas of focus in physical and emotional states that allow for a better connection and improved performance as a horse- owner team. 


Aromatherapy blend Gift Packages for Focus Areas

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Lungs Package


Competitive Package


GI Health Package


Tendons & Mood Package


Celebrating the Mindful Horse and Rider

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