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Bellerophon is a line of Quality Equine aromatherapy products for improved equine health, performance and relaxation. Each product is tested and created in small batches using between 4 and 8 specific high grade essential oils that are blended with the focus on improving the wellbeing of your horse.





Equine Aromatherapy

For Complimentary care of Horses with Health concerns, For improved Performance, and for improving Equine mood and the relationship between horse and rider. 


Horse Experiences 

Equine Aromatherapy reduces stress in your horse, and heals the mind/ body

Improving overall health of your horse means better quality of life and better horse and rider experiences.

How we know Bellerophon is achieving this objective?

We know we are good at what we do when horse owners see both immediate and long term improvements in their horse's wellbeing as well as their emotional states that allow for a better connection and improved performance as a team. 

Bellerophon's Solutions are for all horse owners that seek to complement care by their vets with a more holistic approach to the specific needs of their horse-